Football Pitch Maintenance from Specialists ALS Contracts

There’s plenty of methods to keeping a professional soccer pitch maintained. While you may be thinking pitches that only use synthetic grass could possibly be the best choice due to lower upkeep; you’d be Completely wrong. Premier League pitches use actual grass. However, the all-natural grass is commonly coupled with synthetic fibres. That mixture of true grass and artificial fibres keeps Premier League pitches in terrific condition throughout the year. If real grass is sufficient for the likes of Mo Salah, KDB and Ronaldo, it’s certainly your best option for your football pitch.

The upkeep of purely natural grass takes a team of professionals mainly because of the knowledge and expertise it needs; perform these services in the incorrect way and you simply’ll be left with turf that’s unsalvageable. The groundsman is A vital aspect in the sporting and leisure field. He / she has the difficult but rewarding function of preparing and sustaining the stage on which a lot of sporting men and women depend for their performance and enjoyment. It's consequently equally important that grounds staff totally appreciate their responsibility in making a secure and dependable surface area. This will likely only be attained by possessing the understanding and expertise found in the science of sports turf management. Using the services of a highly regarded corporation with lots of years of practical experience and fantastic testimonials will make sure you possess the grounds group which will keep the turf within your soccer pitch excellent all year round.

There are various methods to football pitch routine maintenance services:


Mowing is one of The key soccer pitch maintenance operations. Mowing can dictate the looks, overall health and vigour of the grass sward. Soccer pitches call for the use of cylinder mowers for a better quality finish as cylinder mower cut rather then tear the grass. Even though rotary mowers are sometimes made use of neither they, nor a reciprocating mower, will give the specified finish.


By completing hollow tining or verti draining, the soil of your respective football pitch is usually decompacted, permitting for improved drainage, much healthier roots as well as the breakdown of thatch.

Weed Management

Weed control is absolutely critical in order to maximise not simply the aesthetic attraction of your pitches, but additionally the playability and resistance to wear. There are lots of contractors who offer weed control solutions if you are not thoroughly certified and accredited to apply herbicides or agro chemical compounds yourself. You actually need professional service and guidance from a BASIS qualified advisor When thinking about the use of agro chemical compounds.


Applying fertiliser to the soccer pitch means that your turf is obtaining the here nutrients it requires for healthy growth.

Top dressing

Topdressing is incorporating a combination of natural materials, sand, and soil into the surface of the grounds just after aerating it, which can help lessen the build-up of thatch and old grass, keep the pitch smooth, and defend any new grass you’ve sown. It’ll maximize the quality of your soil and give you much healthier grass!


Grass, like crops, require water! Putting in an computerized irrigation system would be pricey, but worth it. It’ll ensure that your turf is receiving water Anytime it needs it, devoid of anyone having to come and manually flip the irrigation system on or water the grass by themselves.

For those who’re get more info in need of a football pitch maintenance strategy, then selecting ALS Contracts will probably be the only option for you. They’re UK-based and have many years of knowledge inside of this marketplace. Stop by their website today to learn more about their pitch maintenance services.

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